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About Us...

Hi there!

A summer day at the lake

I am the inventor of this little smart Icon, my name is Pierre Bennorth and I live in Denmark on a small island called Lolland. I have been an inventor since 1988 and in 1997 I invented Ver. 1 of The Ultimate Shortcut. Back then I sold the program to companies like LEGO, Copenhagen Stock Exchange, Lollands Bank and several other big companies in Scandinavia.

Now I have developed Ver. 2 according to the hype around Cookies, where I see my program as a replacement
- let the users themselves decide in which way they want to be monitored..!

The name for the company "Go Diafco!" has been chosen in the same way as Google - once up on a time we used a search engine, now we Google. Now we use Cookies but in the future we all Go Diafco!

Go Diafco! is registered in Denmark under KSL Consult which is a company that helps new companies in their seed launch.

Our residence...

Our residence in the peaceful countryside

Beta tests in progress...

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It's pure and simple! Your Web Page, Your Settings - Your Customers Desktop, Your Customers Settings.

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