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The Ultimate Shortcut offers a unique opportunity to interact with your customers WITHOUT the use of Cookies. The program can be used on any web page that you control from commercial sites and association sites to blogs. Do your users need to visit your site regularly, it is obvious with
The Ultimate Shortcut.

How it works...

Standard Model...

Your customers download your Desktop Icon from your web page, during the download process they will be able to make their own settings regarding the way to interact (see video) and their devise will be named a unique number. You decide which kind of settings your customers will be presented for and receive their settings data (see video). When your customers have installed your Desktop Icon and use it to reach your webpage the unique numbere will appear in your web-log where you are able to track them by number - if you want to!

$ 15/Yearly or $ 99.00/One time payment

Interact Model...

On top of the Standard Model you can upgrade to Interact Model, here you will be able to interact with your customers both by changing Icon logo and shortcut text (see video). You will in addition to this receive a separate log containing all info regarding who using your Desktop Icon by their unique number.

$ 15/Yearly or $ 99.00/One time payment

Offline Model...

Here you can add an Offline Model to put on an USB key or another media - to give away!

$ 15/Yearly or $ 99.00/One time payment

A short video on how to do your settings, 51 sec.

A short video on how your customers do their settings, 1:16 sec.

Beta tests in progress...

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