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JV Partners who want to make money promoting

the “dynamic interaction” marketing tool

Clients Love it. Businesses Thrive on it! AND... It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

When you sign up as a JV Partner you will get access to sell our unique products...

It's pure and simple! Your Web Page, Your Settings - Your Customers Desktop, Your Customers Settings.

The Ultimate Shortcut empowers businesses to more effectively engage their target market while establishing lasting, profitable relationships.

The days of putting your target customers in a headlock and bullying them with harsh consequences are over - Rest in Peace! Growing numbers of tech savvy consumers now seek out mutually beneficial relationships - they want to feel engaged by people, not infested with cookies and stalked by auto responders!

The Ultimate Shortcut is a simple and effective solution to gathering vital info and delivering your custom messages without being overly invasive.

It allows for more organic engagement that encourages social sharing, brand loyalty, and ultimately more profits for you.

When a visitor clicks The Ultimate Shortcut banner on your site or blog, they are given the option to allow your icon onto their desktop. There's no risk of unwanted intrusion because they maintain full control over their level of engagement, NO cookies necessary (we prefer chocolate chip to the dry digital variety anyway!).

Now, you have the ability (with their consent) to track their actions when they visit your site and to deliver them custom messages straight to the dynamic icon on their desktop.

Updates, insights, breakthroughs, special offers, jokes, whatever you want to communicate. You can even change the icon image. This creates further daily engagement similar to "Google Doodles" or company Tweets. But with The Ultimate Shortcut, it's right on their desktop. And since it's dynamic, it stands out from the block of lifeless icons that litter most computers.

It works for customers who now feel valued instead of hunted, plus it adds a dash of fun to their day. It works for you because you can customize your marketing and development efforts based on their habits and preferences. Everyone gets exactly what they want, and the sky is filled with rainbows...
with BIG pots of gold at the end!

We have 3 models:

Standard Model...

Your customers download your Desktop Icon from your web page, during the download process they will be able to make their own settings regarding the way to interact (see video) and their devise will be named a unique number. You decide which kind of settings your customers will be presented for and receive their settings data (see video). When your customers have installed your Desktop Icon and use it to reach your webpage the unique numbere will appear in your web-log where you are able to track them by number - if you want to!

Interact Model...

On top of the Standard Model you can upgrade to Interact Model, here you will be able to interact with your customers both by changing Icon logo and shortcut text (see video). You will in addition to this receive a separate log containing all info regarding who using your Desktop Icon by their unique number.

Offline Model...

Here you can add an Offline Model to put on an USB key or another media - to give away!

A short video on how it works...

JV Partners participate in our Compensation Plan.

40 % of the sales price goes directly to a foundation from where we reward our JV Partners
with commissions and sales competitions.

Our Compensation Plan goes 5 level deep - check it out below...

level/product price $ 15 Yearly $ 99.00
1 $ 2 Yearly $ 20
2 $ 1 Yearly $ 10
3 $ 1 Yearly $ 5
4 $ 1 Yearly $ 3
5 $ 1 Yearly $ 2

For now we go for 1,000 paying JV Partners joining before 12.01.2014 and at least 2.000 before


If we reach our goal there will be $ 500 to the marketer who referred most
new JV Partners, $ 250 to the second best and $ 125 to the third.

By all coinsidence, if we do not reach 2,000 paing JV Partners before 12.31.2014
we will still pay the sales bonuses but with a percentage decrese.

Yet we have another sales competition for

our first 1,000 JV Partners:

From JV Partner number 1,001 the first 100 new JV Partners
signing up from our mainpage will go to the most selling JV Partners as downlines...

No. 1 most selling JV Partner will get 10 downlines in Level 1
No. 2 will get 8
No. 3 will get 6
No. 4 will get 4
No. 5 will get 3
No. 6-68 will get 1

This competition ends when we reach JV Partner number 2.000

Once a year we will throw a party where we celebrate our topsellers
and much more surprices...

We won't promise you a rich lifestyle selling our products,
but the Market of Domains is huge - 225 mill. in the US
alone and more than 1 billion world wide - and counting!

Around 75 % of the Domains are parked but that still leaves 25 % potential buyers.

Do your own math..!

From our Terms & Conditions:

JV Partners have to buy at least our yearly Standard Model ($ 15 yearly) and renew it yearly in order to get commission. You will then receive commission from all your prospects purchase for lifetime. If you do not renew, your commission will go to the JV Partner-foundation.

Go Diafco! DO NOT accept any kind of Spam - if we get any complains you will be banned forever, your commission will go to the JV Partner-foundation and you will risk lawsuits.

As a JV Partner you will be paid your commission for each prospect after 45 days (according to PayPals disclaimer policy) unless there are complains, in which case we will inform you.

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